I am a mindset and empowerment coach and Founder of SMG Wellness.



I am a mindset and empowerment coach and Founder of SMG Wellness. I love teaching women how to survive and thrive through life’s transitions. I have run multiple half marathons, marathons, completed varying triathlon distances, rode my bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles twice and raised over $20,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and The Los Angeles LGBT Center. In addition, I am an Ironman finisher. I am a graduate of Menlo College where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Management with a Human Resource Management Concentration. Prior to launching SMG Wellness, I spent over twenty years working in the legal industry specializing in the collection of electronic evidence.

After a serious episode of burnout and depression, that left me with little to no motivation to work or exercise, I quit my corporate six-figure job and focused 100% on integrating health and wellness back into my life.

I have survived and thrived through many life transitions such as:

  • becoming a Mom at the tender age of 18

  • relocated to new cities

  • went back to college and earned a Bachelor’s Degree at the age of 40

  • survived and thrived through a divorce

  • survived and thrived through a nine-month anxiety and depression episode.

  • traveled solo to many countries

and so much more.


I believe that EVERYONE can live their best lives NOW and I am committed to empowering women to do just that. When I’m not coaching and mentoring my clients I’m usually out for a long bike ride, working out at the gym, cooking a delicious healthy meal or sharing a glass of wine or cocktail with a friend. To connect with me, just click on the social media icons below.