Reflections on 2017

2017 has seriously been a year for the books for me. I wasn’t sure that I would get back to my natural, authentic and happy space, but I have persevered.  I took the time I desperately needed and took care of ME.  I spent a good part of the year feeling like I was on a hamster wheel, filled with anxiety, depression and health issues. There were so many unexpected challenges that had me questioning my strength. I am now on the other side, looking forward to a new year, and a fresh start.  Humbled and thankful for the love and support from family and friends. Humbled and thankful for lessons learned.  I am overflowing with more gratitude than I ever thought possible.  As I sit here and reflect on the year, I am of course thinking about next year.  I have chosen a word for 2018; FREEDOM.


But, before I tell you all about why I chose “FREEDOM” as my word for 2018, let me fill you in on what went down in 2017.

I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction. I feel intimately, that what you put out/speak out into the world, will be what you experience. I believe there is abundance; that manifests in a variety of ways; for us all, once we truly believe and tap into the vibrational force that exists.  I have long since been part of the party that does vision boards, reads self-help and spiritual mindfulness books. I burn sage, incense, meditate, do yoga and exercise. You get the drift, right? I had a morning routine and for the most part was generally very successful with anything that I put my mind to. If it was something that I cared about and it resonated with me, then I would take it on.  If not, I didn’t have a particular emotion or position about it one way or the other.  I felt like, you do you and I’m gon’ do me.  So, with all this positivity, light and enrichment, you’re probably wondering how 2017 turned out to be one of the toughest years of my adult life.  Well...I’ll tell you. I did something, that I almost NEVER do. I didn’t plan. Not only did I not plan, looking back, I can recall saying during 2016, more than 25-30 times, that I did NOT know what 2017 would look like for me. And guess what happened, the universe delivered. With no clear understanding of what I wanted to accomplish, attain, experience or create, I got lost. It’s like I was dropped into a forest, and for the remainder of 2017, I struggled with trying to fight and find my way out.


In 2017, my youngest son was to graduate from high school. For those that don’t know, I have been a Mom since I was 18 years old, and the only thing I kept thinking about when I thought of this time in his life was that I made it. I successfully raised two fine young men who are kind, funny, loving and intelligent children. For the last 28 years, my focus has simply been on them. So, his last year of high school, I had many people ask what was next for me.  How would I feel being an empty nester. The truth was, I had no idea and that’s what I kept saying over, and over, and over again. And like I said, that’s EXACTLY what the Universe delivered.  

To add fuel to the growing flames, 2017 was also a very tough year for me professionally.  I’ve been in the same career for over 20 years and I was starting to feel burnt out and disconnected from my projects. One of my coping mechanisms when I was stressed had been to go exercise.  It didn’t matter what is was, a hike, a swim, bike, run (once an Ironman, always an Ironman!!!) or weights. It just mattered that when I finished I had worked up a good sweat. Then…..slowly, things began to change.  It was a gradual change at first. I would skip a workout here or there. Next thing I knew, I was dropping out of social bike ride commitment with friends.  Finally, it got to the point where I no longer did yoga, hiked or a simple set of sit-ups. My desire and motivation went out the window and as my projects became more demanding, I did less and less of the things that helped me cope. I no longer exercised at all. I zoned out and disconnected. Instead, I worried, I lost sleep and my energy levels started to take a serious decline. I went from being very optimistic, to being extremely pessimistic.  UGH!

What followed was a series of health issues that lingered far too long. Health issues that I can attribute to not taking care of myself. Not listening to my body. Not getting enough rest. I wasn’t feeling my best mentally nor physically. I believe the two are completely intertwined and when one is out of alignment, then the other will soon follow. That’s what happened to me. I was out of alignment.

I’ll go into further details about this period in my life in future blog posts, which I hope you’ll come back to read because there is so much I want to share. For now though, I am on the comeback of my life.  JUST WATCH ME! I am feeling better, getting back to flow and in alignment and ready to CRUSH 2018. I am slowly getting back to moving again (exercise) meditating with more frequency and nourishing my body with healthy food and my soul with positive vibes. And finally, I have an incredible desire to share.  To share my life, to share my struggles, to share my highlights and lowlights. To share my love of travel and exploring new places. My wish is that by sharing my message someone will know they are not alone in feeling “lost” at times and will find ways to get back to JOY. For me, travel does just that. It brings me JOY.  I’ve often been told, my life is a book that should be written.  So this is where I will start.

Now, back to why I chose “FREEDOM” as my word for 2018.  This is what I pray to manifest in my life…..




There is more. So much more.  In this space, over the next year, I hope to share with you just how the word FREEDOM will begin manifesting change in my life and answering the frequent travel question I get; Where2Next?

Have you chosen your word for 2018?

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