6 FREE self-care practices for Mind, Body, Spirit

Image Source: Photo by  Oluwakemi Solaja  on  Unsplash

Image Source: Photo by Oluwakemi Solaja on Unsplash

For the past eight years, health and wellness have been the driving force of my life. Meditation, a good eating plan, and exercise have helped me achieve so many physical, mental and emotional breakthroughs. It’s helped me gain confidence, improved my focus and drive and find inner peace after years of self-doubt.

Here are 6 self-care practices for Mind, Body, and Spirit that won’t cost you a dime!

  1. G R A T I T U D E

    As soon as I open my eyes, I say THANK YOU. Gratitude improves our overall health, self-esteem, and our mental strength. Gratitude also helps us to be more kind, compassionate and become more empathetic to others. Gratitude helps us better deal with stress. Gratitude is a simple practice and it can easily be done from right where you stand by appreciating the present moment you are in.

  2. B E L I E V E I N Y O U R S E L F

    Become your BIGGEST fan! Sometimes life will throw you lemons and when that happens you can either shrink or you can start making lemonade. You have the power to choose your thoughts so ditch the negativity and believe in yourself. You are more capable than you think. This isn’t to say that you’ll never experience another negative doubting moment, but the more your believing in yourself, the less time you’ll spend doubting yourself.

  3. D R A W A B A T H

    While a night out with the girls is always a fun time, a couple times a month try skipping the outing and stay home, relax and take a bath instead. Infuse your bath with bath salts, essential oils or flower petals. If you’re still feeling like you need a drink, pour a glass of wine to accompany the bath. Oh, and don’t forget the candles!

  4. M E D I T A T E

    We can’t talk about self-care without talking about meditation. Studies have shown that meditation reduces stress, promotes emotional health and can help you gain clarity. Here is my KISS (Keep it simple silly) practice; find a quiet place, close your eyes, listen for your breath and when you mind wanders away from your breath, guide it back to your breath non-judgmentally. No specific amount of time is mandatory, but I would bet that the longer you sit in the practice, the more positive benefits will begin to manifest in your life.

  5. M A K E A F A C E M A S K

    So many face masks can be created by using products currently in your home kitchen cabinet. For example, you can make a sugar scrub. Honey, apple cider and lemon juice combine for a great mask for dry skin. Cucumbers are great for de-puffing the eyes. Give it a try!

  6. S A Y N O

    Saying “no” is probably the hardest “free” self-care practice to follow through on, but arguably has the most rewards. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and learning to say no when you really do not have the time, energy or desire to do that which was asked of you is really beneficial to your overall well-being. Work on strengthening the skill to say no. Simply say no without explanation and leave it at that. In the beginning, this will be very hard, but the more you do it and stay true to your feelings instead of trying to please others, the better off you’ll be.

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