My First Podcast Interview


Maaaaannn this past week was AH-MAZING!!!! I did my first podcast interview on the Michelle Meow Show. This would have never happened if I had not gone to TechIntersections conference last Saturday where I met Elisha Greenwell who told me about BlackJoyParade. We connected at the conference and when she was going on Michelle’s show she shot me a DM and asked if I wanted to come along and be a part of the conversation.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I did know that I put speaking engagements on my vision board for 2018 and I firmly believe in the #LawOfAttraction so when the opportunity presented itself I accepted with humble gratitude and acceptance.  I DREAM, I BELIEVE, I ACHIEVE.  Thank you Michelle and Elisha for being the vehicles to help manifest my dreams.  Onward and Upwards. 

Take a listen by clicking HERE.  

#QueensSupportingQueens #CollaborationNotCompetition