7 Powerful Affirmations to Manifest More Travel

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I love daily affirmations. I am a firm believer in their power in my daily life. So much so, I’m sharing with you today 7 Powerful Affirmations to Manifest More Travel. Before we dive into those affirmations, here are a few things I think you should know about affirmations.

  • Daily Affirmations can be a powerful practice, especially if you are consistent.

  • Affirmations work because you are reprogramming your mind into manifesting your wants and desires.

  • Affirmations are simply sentences, phrases or mantras that you continuously repeat until it ultimately plays out in your life.

  • Affirmations are almost always in the present tense, i.e., I am or I will.

  • The most important factor for affirmations to work is that you must truly believe in them.


  1. The world is my playground.

  2. I am open to new adventures.

  3. I am living my dreams, without fear or worry.

  4. I am grateful for safe journeys.

  5. Life supports me in every way possible so that I can travel the world.

  6. I let go of the negative and make room for the positive.

  7. My journey to [Insert destination] will be peaceful and rewarding.

Repeat the affirmations out loud 3 times and write them down twice daily.  

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