5 Reasons Why Travel is a Form of Therapy


5 Reasons Why Travel is a Form of Therapy

I’ve talked about travel being my therapy for a while now. It’s true, every time that I have taken a trip and got away from the daily grind, I’ve come back refreshed. I wasn’t necessarily running away from my problems, I just was giving myself a much-needed reset. Putting myself in an environment where I could switch off my brain, connect with my spirit and relax. By traveling, I was able to restore my emotional and physical health.

Two years ago, I was at the highest peak of my physical health. I had just completed an Ironman and was feeling great in that aspect of my life. However, my professional career had begun to drain me and I was feeling emotionally spent. I had been doing so much to please others, I forgot about myself. Then, the year my youngest son graduated high school, I was ready to travel to reconnect with myself. Here are the five reasons why I feel that travel is a form of therapy.

  1. It gave me something else to think about. Travel planning is fun. Once I decided what I was going to do, I started planning. It was fun to research different countries that I wanted to visit. This caused positive emotions and it filled me with positive anticipation. Each day, I was looking up different flights, hotels and reading different travel blogs for advice. My focus was redirected and I thought less about work deadlines.

  2. It allowed me to unpack my emotional baggage. Once you get to your destination, check into your hotel and begin to unpack your worries start to lessen to a degree. I’m one of those travelers that actually like to unpack her bags and put things away in drawers and hang up items in the closet. I do this because the act of unpacking for me is in direct connection with the unpacking of the stressors in my life. I recognize its time to relax and my body responds during the unpacking. We become carefree.

  3. Travel makes you appreciate the little things again. This especially is highlighted if you visit an undeveloped country. You appreciate the benefits of clean water and electricity. That cup of coffee seems to be so much better. Everywhere you go, your eyes are opened wide and you begin to really see the beauty that is all around you. You stop and take notice. You remember just how much power a simple smile has.

  4. Traveling teaches you to let go. When traveling, you aren’t necessarily in control. You may not always know the native language, so communicating is difficult. You can’t control if the electricity goes off in your hotel. You can’t control the political climate or policies of that country. You worry less about how you look and allow yourself to just be.

  5. Traveling makes you step out of your comfort zone. When traveling, I find that I’m more open to trying new things. I speak to strangers more. I try that weird food that I’ve never would have at home. I try to learn a new language. I zipline or take that difficult hike.

So, there you have it. Five ways I believe travel is therapeutic. Get out there and explore!

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