Juvella R.

I participated in Stacy's 31 Days of #attitudeofgratitdue where each day, Stacy would host a Facebook live to share 3 things she's grateful for along with a motivational quote which would sometimes tie into her 3 things.  I din't always tune into the live view, but her prompts were helpful to not always focus on the big things of gratefulness (i.e. new job, relationship, etc.), but also the small things that are so often taken for granted, like sunshine, friendships, grocery delivery.  This journey of attitude of gratitude allowed me to take pause of my own 'busy' and reflect on what's truly good in my life and express gratitude.  Yes, the 31 days are over, but the activity of the action still remains today.  Thank you, Stacy for leading a wonderful experience and I'm happy to have journeyed with you.